Knowledge is like a tree with fruits

al-Khateeb al-Bhagdaadi 463 AH collected a narration in which ‘Abdullah bin al-Mu’taz said, علم بلا عمل كشجرة بلا ثمرة “Knowledge without action is like a tree without fruit”. Source: “Knowledge Mandates Action” point number 46


Seeking knowledge requires sacrifice

al-Khateeb al-Bhagdaadi 463 AH narrates that some of the salaf said, لا ينال هذا العلم الا من عطل داكانه, و خرب بستانه, و هجر اخوانه, و مات أقرب أهله فلم يشهد جنازته “No one will attain this knowledge except one who shuts down his store, destroys his garden, abandons his brothers, and (when) his closest…