The Believer will be gathered with the Righteous -Shaykh bin Baaz

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

The Believer will be gathered with the Righteous

Answered by Shaykh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdillah bin Baaz may Allah have mercy on him

The Shaykh mentions this benefit in al-Fawaai’d al-’Ilmiyyah min ad-Durus al-Baaziyah (Explanation of Ibn Qayyim’s ‘Ilaam al-Muwaqqieen) 8/22-23

So the believer, if he loves the Righteous Predecessors and he loves the Companions and he transverses and walks upon their path – even if he was not as diligent in resembling their tremendous deeds that resulted from their efforts such as: (voluntary) fasting, (voluntary) prayers, and night prayers – he will still be gathered with them (in the Hereafter).

As long as he is steadfast upon their same path in carrying out the obligations and staying away from prohibitions; even if he fell short in some type of their efforts like: prayer in the night, voluntary fast, voluntary prayers, and whatever else similar to that.

For the point is that love calls one to the actions pleasing to the beloved (in this case it is Allah).

قل إن كنتم تحبون الله فاتبعوني يحببكم الله ويغفر لكم ذنوبكم

“Say, (O Muhammad), ‘If you should love Allah, then follow me, (so) Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.'” [Surah Aali ‘Imran: 31]

The one who loves (Allah) will act and strive. However, in order for the believer to be gathered with them it is not a condition to resemble them (Companions and Righteous Predecessors) in every single thing.

فالمـرء مـع مـن أحــب

“A man will be with those whom he loves.” [Bukhari]

Translated by: Abu Awzaa’ee AbdusSalaam

الفقير الى الله


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