Many speakers but few with knowledge

‘Abdullah ibn al-Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

انكم في زمان: كثيرعلماء, و قليل خطباءه و سيأتي بعدكم زمان: قليل علماء, كثير خطباء, فمن كثر علمه, و قل قوله فهو الممدوح, و من كان بالعكس, فهو مذموم

“Indeed you are in a time where there are many scholars and few speakers, but there will come a time after you where there will be few scholars and many speakers. So whoever has abundant knowledge and is few in his speech then he is praised, and whoever does the opposite then he is detested.”

Taken from: “Ilm” by Abu Khaytamah p. 135


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