What will happen once the scholars are few?

‘Abdullah ibn al-Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said,

كيف أنتم اذا لبستكم فتنة يهرم فيها الكبير و يربو فيها الصغير و يتخذها الناس سنة فاذا غيرت قالو غيرت السنة قالو و متى ذلك يا أبا عبد الرحمن قال اذا كثرت قراؤكم وقلت فقهاؤكم و كثرت أمراؤكم و قلت أمناؤكم و التمست الدنيا بعمل الأخرة

“How will it be when the trials overcome you, in which the young grow old and senile. The people take the Bid’ah as Sunnah, and when it changes they say: The Sunnah has changed.”

It was said: “When will this be O Abu Abdur-Rahman?”

He replied: “When your speakers are many and your scholars are few, and the wealthy ones plenty and the trustworthy ones are few, and the Dunya is pursed with the actions of the Hereafter.”

Collected by ad-Darami in Sunnan (196) al-Albani grade this hadith as being Hasan Sahih


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