Advice for the one who doesn’t pray Salatul Fajr -Grand Mufti Abdul-Azeez

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Advice for the one who doesn’t pray Salatul Fajr

Answered by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdillah Ala Shaykh May Allah preserve him

Question: I have a friend but he does not pray salatul Fajr. I advised him many times however he doesn’t listen to me. What should I do? Should I leave and abandon him or stay connected with him?

The Shaykh responds: Meaning he does not pray at all or [does not pray] in the masjid?

He doesn’t pray until the sun has risen.

Answer: This is disobedience to Allah. Advise him to have fear of Allah and learn about the punishments. Because the one who is persistent in delaying his prayer until the time runs out while being able to perform it has committed a grave mistake. So much so that some scholars say that whoever intentionally delays the obligatory prayer until its time has left without an excuse has committed disbelief. This is disbelief because Allah has obligated the prayer to be in specific times. Allah said, “Verily, the prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours.” (surah an-Nisaa:103) Meaning at certain times.

Translated by: Abu Awzaa’ee AbdusSalaam

الفقير الى الله

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