Free Ebook: “The Path to Memorization”

All praises are due to Allah; may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon Muhammad, his family, his companions, and his followers. As to proceed:

This ebook is a translation from a portion of the book entitled, “Mutoon Usoolul Tafseer wal Tajweed wal Qira’aat.” This book is a guide for the student of knowledge in the path of memorization. We ask Allah, the Most High, to accept this deed only for His Face, and allow us to benefit from this reminder in this life and the next, Aameen.


Please click here for the PDF: The Path To Memorization

Benefit and share…baarakallahu feekum


5 thoughts on “Free Ebook: “The Path to Memorization”

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  2. Asalamalikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    Brother please remove these ads at the end of the posts. They show indecent pics and links to sinful websites. Just for some money, you are compromising on the reward of running such a wonderful website.

    I know that running such websites requires money but ads by most services some times give bad ads. If somebody clicks on such an ad and
    Goes to a wrong website, you will be responsible on the day of Qiyamah for hosting such an ad and becoming the means for calling to sin. So brother please remove these ads and accept my sincere advice just for the sake of Allah.

    • wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

      Akhi I am not receiving any type of money for these ads. In fact I have no say whether these ads are on my website. It is put there automatically by I can’t help that. The only way to remove ads on wordpress is to actually pay money to them. So unless you want to donate to remove these ads then I can’t do anything about it. Shukran.

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